Ronix.Office on Software United

Ronix.Office on Software United — new complete integrated collaboration solution

Ronix.Office on Software United is a complete integrated collaboration solution. It allows organizing workstations with all necessary products installed including desktop and other applications. The solution includes workflow automation system that can easily regulate company's documentation flows. Having deployed Ronix. Office on Software United you become less dependent on any additional software as this solution provides performance for most of the emerging tasks.
Ronix.Office on Software United is an end-to-end solution and includes products of different vendors. A special licensing program makes the suite quite cheap when compared to the price of its components bought separately.

Ronix.Office on Software United consists of server and client parts.
Server part:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux — server operating system
  • IBM Lotus Domino — collaboration platform
  • Ronix.Office — workflow system

Ronix.Office on Software United client part includes:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop OS
  • Client applications such as office suite, Firefox internet browser, mail client Evolution, powerful graphics editor Gimps and many other applications
  • IBM Lotus Notes – collaboration platform client
  • Ronix.Office – workflow system

If required workstations can be Windows-based but this OS is not included in the suite and shall be bought separately. The price of the whole suite is much lower that the price of the components bought separately.


  • Our solution is a reliable product provided with necessary support and including all core components from OS to client applications
  • The price of the whole suite is much lower that the price of the components bought separately
  • Ronix. Office on Software United contains most of the required tools, that allows minimizing expenses for any additional software
  • Minimal primary expenses for the licenses secure you from purchasing unnecessary software
  • All the products are provided with technical support and the client can address all emerging questions to one centre
  • IBM Lotus is a flexible platform which has rich capabilities for deploying applications and integrating them with the existing information system
  • With the simple deployment system and single point of technical support you can promptly install the system and start using Ronix. Office on Software United


IBM Lotus collaboration system

  • Corporate mail system
  • Contacts and electronic business cards management
  • Common calendar and schedule control
  • To do list and events notices
  • Aggregation of news
  • Indication of being on-line
  • Instant messaging
Ronix.Office wofkflow system

  • Contact information management. Management through mobile phones and Internet
  • Control over the company's internal documents (certificates, orders, decrees)
  • Incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence management
  • Notification system (group or individual) for created or changed documents
  • Control over the documents from creation to archiving
  • Multilevel security system
  • Friendly user interface
  • Context-sensitive reference information for users

Pricing and licensing

Ronix.Office on Software United users can work with Microsoft Windows or Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop operating system:

Number of user licenses, unit.
less than 50
50 - 199
200 - 499
More than 500
Price for a license with one-year support, dollars USA
ForRed Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop
For Microsoft Windows

*The price for the solution does not include the cost of Microsoft Windows OS.

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